Sanyi is a natural mountain city growing up together with camphor trees, a place full of tung trees and fireflies, an art village given birth to by woodcarving works as well as a vivid small town characterized by railway culture¡K

Welcome to Sanyi, the best place suitable for a person to rove and live leisurely. Come here to listen to stories about Sanyi. Let us jointly seek the unique treasure from here!



Time in the Film called Story about a Small City

In 1979, Story about a Small City directed by Lihang won the Golden Horse Award. The film¡¦s background is based on Sanyi! In this film, Mr Zhong Zhentao played a woodcarver, who loved Ms Lin Fengjiao. The love story successfully touched the audience. From the film, we may also see the old imange and understand clearly the development of Sanyi in the past¡K




Natural Odd Wood Initiating the History of Woodcarving in Sanyi

In about 1920, someone found that moth-eaten roots of camphor trees is just like artworks showing uncanny workmanship of nature, which were trimmed easily as odd wood molding artworks by woodcarvers who made the fishing point. Hence the creation style of ¡§Artful Carving of Odd Wood¡¨ was established in Sanyi¡K





The Mysterious Number 402.326

Old Mountain Line Railway brings back the memory of the old time of residents living along it as well as the feeling of passengers traveling from South Taiwan to North Taiwan. Moreover, it holds the best railway records. The number 402.326 refers to the height of ¡§The Highest Point of Railways in Taiwan¡¨¡K




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